Monday, December 28, 2009

Best first ride ever.

Ready for your Monday dose of awesomeness?!?!
I love mythbusters. Who doesn't? and this is AWESOME.

I met Adam for a new york minute after a bike ride on Mission street earlier this year, I tell you if you live in the city, sooner or later people end up running into each other. No exceptions.
street busting
He is rad.
Mythbusters, unicycles, golden gate bridge and our beloved city = RAD.


  1. Mythbusters are most excellent. The SBU looks perfect for tooling around abandoned airfields or gigantic hangers while setting up for the next experitoon. With a 10 mile range and uber geek factor, the niche for it in movement-space between walking and velocipedes appears rather slim, though.

  2. not sure if i'll get an SBU but i sure wanna see some ballsy kid take it to a skate park... or... maybe take one to cyclocross.

    SBU polo anyone?

  3. Looks like fun, if a little slow.

    I think I'll stick to my unicycle for cyclocross though.

  4. After I saw this post yesterday, I caught an all day Mythbusters marathon. Yes!

  5. krista/ iknow rite?! i was so stoked :D

    john/ oh long live velocipedes!!

    volker/ oh in skirts? unicycleskirts polo match uber dope.

    antonie/ just add mud...

    dwayne/ so awesome-isnt that feeling the best :D