Friday, December 11, 2009

friday fun times: basket leaving

people leave the strangest things in my beloved bike basket.

example number one
: a plush bart simpson doll. i went to see a movie, and when i came out, bart was there.

4th and mission

example number two: a picnic ready date minus the food and the date. fork, knife, napkin rolled up and tied together with a black rubber band.

People leave strange things in my basket

if you have a basket on your bike, has this happened to you too? please share the fun things your city or town has given you in your bike basket. happy friday everyone!


  1. another reason bikes are better!

  2. I've had a basket or panniers on my bikes for a while now. I don't often get anything in them - but when i do it is just trash.


  3. When my bike, Praline, was on the carport I would find all kinds of stuff in her basket. My mom would leave empty flowerpots, newspapers, and recyclables in the basket. The recyclables I didn't mind so much because I rode to the recycling center a lot, but what were the flowerpots about?

  4. Unfortunately I do not have a basket on my bike... but your experiences really want me to get one!!!

  5. Maybe because I always have a bungee net over my basket nothing ever gets left in it. Once, though, I watched a tweaker in San Diego for a full 10 minutes while he tried to decide to plunge his hand through my net and into my basket to steal my water bottle. The little nervous dance he did the whole time was very entertaining. He eventually decided the bungee net was too much of a barrier for him and walked away : )

  6. ever since someone stole my bike light, i try not to leave anything on my bike depending on how long it will be outside. this includes my bungee cord and my hipster cyst bike light.

  7. I, too, have noticed that the bunji net is a pretty good barrier for most folks, but (amazingly) the ultimate in basket security came when I finally made a rain resistant nylon basket cover. It stays on the basket because it is fitted, and it is easy to pull up for access to the basket - but no one does. If they can't see something they want, they leave it alone. I leave all sorts of essential things in there (gloves, rain gear, food, etc.), so this is good. The ultimate test was leaving the bike on the corner in downtown Seatle for several hours on a Saturday night. When I came back, someone had left a lit cigarette on the basket cover, burning it a bit, but everything was still there. The hole is patched, and all is good. Val

  8. that bart gift is the best. evur
    ihavent had much at all left in my basket, which is weird that ive had it for sometime now.. mmmhm ;)

  9. someone left fresh picked flowers in my basket once. Then i looked up and noticed the flowerless bush they came from. I kinda felt bad.