Friday, January 1, 2010

Where Am I Going?

We have been riding around in a few places lately. Every place has its own flavor. Every place tells its own story.

Maiden Lane, San Francisco.

SF Is Part Of The EU

Owensmouth Ave., Chatsworth, Los Angeles.

You Can't Ride A Bike In Los Angeles

North Park, San Diego

He Didn't Say Anything About Stairs!

JFK Drive, Golden Gate Park, SF

Why We Need Coat Guards

Great Highway, San Francisco

Our Very Own Police Escort

It's a new year. Where are you going? What does your road look like?


  1. Happy New Year to you and hello! I've just found your blog and I love it. I began riding my bike for weightloss last year but this year I want to ride it with more purpose. Like short trips to the store and maybe even to work.

    You make riding look so classy, too. Love your style. It's nice to know you don't have to just wear spandex, lol.

  2. What's up with Smokey on your six? Getting pulled over for inappropriate transportation? Val

  3. My road currently looks very gray, and speckled with grungy salt (used to abate recent snows) that pops under my tires. Nonetheless, it's quite rideable on my trusty bike...

  4. tena- Nope. No spandex. My physique does not allow for appropriate spandex anymore : )

    Val- the Fuzz seems to have an unhealthy love for me when I ride : ) I have had them up my arse more times than I care to think about on recent rides.

    Ben- I like that popping sound : )

  5. Well, I certainly hope they let you off with a warning this time. They probably just can't resist your awesome stylishness. Val

  6. Happy New Year for sure. I've been visiting my in-laws up here in SF. And riding everywhere!

  7. Long and windy, a little up, a little down, and hopefully getting better all the time!

    Hopefully the last bit goes for cycling in Seattle in general. Our new mayor's campaign slogan was "Mike Bikes". And he still plans to commute by bike to city hall!

    Mark Kirschner
    Gettin' Around

  8. Oh my, a pic on a blogsite of someone riding on Owensmouth Ave in the west San Fernando Valley area. I'll be dipped. I don't usually ride that section of road as it's kinda narrow and a lot of car traffic. Great to see others out on regular bikes. TJ.

  9. PG- Owensmouth is great! There are cars, but I have never experienced anyone being mean or aggressive there. I always wonder why people don't use it more, especially when I see them on Topanga! That road is just like a freeway and yet I see people riding on it all the time. Isn't it funny what people perceive as "Dangerous"?

  10. i love that crazy hair of yours!!

    all bikes lanes lead to yummy coffee. yum!! <3