Monday, December 7, 2009

Once I Had A Bike Blog In Africa

Back when I first started reading bicycle blogs, I found the Mozambique Bike Culture Blog. I know little about the pair that create this site, but it is still just about my favorite bike blog. The simple pictures and stories they share are always lovely. Seeing people living with their bikes on the other side of the world is always wonderful.



A little cycle chic can be found.


This is one of my favorite shots on the whole blog-


This beautiful, and somewhat sporadic, blog is simply wonderful. It shows us all that there is really very little difference in people, no matter where they are from. Children love to ride their bikes with their friends. People ride their bikes to church. We all love to ride in groups down big open roads.

Go take a look around. Half the blog is in Portuguese, but the images are universal!

1 comment:

  1. open roads, bicycles and photos. words can enhance it but our feeling and mutual respect for our purpose of being citizens of this, our world, is ultimately universal.
    sweet find. Im a fan!