Thursday, December 24, 2009

One Last Christmas Post

The O'Chan Christmas Card Picture

Happy Christmas from the O'Chan Clan!


  1. you guys are so adorable!! merry navidad! feliz holidays!

  2. Awesome photo. You guys look like you would be SO fun to hang out with... Happy Holidays from the East Coast where the parkas & snow pants are out.

  3. You all look lovely and Warm there,while we Freeze in Europe with the Hailstones coming down and the Ice.

    Happy Christmas and Happy Trails on yer Bikes. Dublin Ireland 12.30 am GMT.

  4. Sara- You get the white Christmas I always dream of (cue the music!)!!

    Main Man On An Irish Bike- What? You don't know the old Irish tale of the "Great Christmas Hail", in which the principal characters all find the joy of Christmas in throwing the hail down one another's trousers, after which they all head off for a pint?

  5. Adrienne throwing the Hail down each others Trousers usually happens when they are all Pie Eyed on the way Home from the Pub.

    There is a Lull in the Weather this Christmas Day after a Night of Heavy Frost and it is quiet Pleasant out ,but the Frosty Weather is back tomorrow how is that for Luck. It gives everybody a chance to Visit the Relatives.

    It is as if Manain Mac Lir has lifted his Cloak of Invisibility from the Emerald Isle on Christmas Day. How is that for a bit of Celtic Mystical Rubbish for you.Dublin Ireland 2.05pm GMT 25/12/09

  6. Back at ya!

    Hot and sunny down here in Northern-Antarctica but why are talking about the weather? - Christmas is about family & bikes!!!

    - Antoine, Margaret, Finn, Hunter, Carla & Jesusburger

  7. Nice shot! Love the greenery on your basket.

    Sunny (but cold) Chrismas here. Got out for a ride along the water. Cold enough for the new wool jersey and fleece skullcap under my helmet ('twas a bikey Christmas, that's for sure!)