Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Someone read my mind.

And his name is Volker.
This past Sunday, we rode for the annual Christmas ride (which we will sometime later, get around to share some pics) and on our way to grab late nite pizza in the lower haight, we came across this bike and I thought wow, look at that.
Not that I have a super fancy camera, but ideas are and have always been there. My camera was buried in layers and jackets and water and bag in my basket. I'll shut up and let you enjoy, what Volker captured, exactly how I had imagined it ;-)

re:Chain by prawnpie


  1. Mele,

    This could be a new paradigm in bike photography
    ..... Bike Noir.....
    Cool shot!

    Jon C.

  2. Big chain to lock it, but no chain to make it go?

  3. yea thx!!! chainless, so heartless...