Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Our Party

It should come as some comfort to you readers to know that we here at the blog know how to react appropriately to bad situations. When the (free) beer gets spilled, we cry.

Some Of Us Are Crying Over Spilled Beer

Some of us just pretend it didn't happen. But if that had been coffee... this would have been a different picture.

Fortunately, the bicycle community of San Francisco understands us and provides us with simple lessons that make life easier.

Now This Is Math I Understand!


  1. "beer+beer=beer"
    you can't argue with Math

  2. I think this is as important a math concept as "0" or "pi".

  3. adrienne: i could not agree more. because when beer - cup = floor, the tears start flowing freely.

  4. beer + clumsy = oops! I hope that isn't dry clean only!

  5. thats right!! u funny girl.
    at that point I had 3 yehudas bump into me for a nice dark ale scent.
    coffee stains come with every one of the clothes I own. beer stains come a close 2nd. good times!!