Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring & I Am Sure Not Snoring!

Neighborhood Dali (Detail)

This is what my neighborhood has looked like for the last several days. Many of the places I have needed to be during this time have been places where wet clothes would not mix well, so I have not been on my bike during that time. I do not feel guilty about this, that would be silly. There is nothing that says we all have to suffer to ride. The difficult part is that I have not been able to sleep! I am so used to having such a high level of physical activity that without it I don't burn off enough energy!

Today is clear and there are no impediments to my customary ride to pick up Declan at school. The trip is about 15-17 miles there and back. There are many good places to stop for coffee along the way, I can get the grocery shopping for dinner done and, hopefully, I'll find some good pictures to snap!

Mostly, with luck, tonight I will sleep like a normal person : )


  1. In the words of Bill Clinton "I feel your pain".
    We have had the wettest December on record and the inactivity has caused me to be as close to depression as I have ever been. I sleep alright but I dream bad dreams then remember them. Not good.
    I love your website and read it everyday. It's a bright spot in my life.

  2. Agreed on all points.

    I'm always hemming and hawing when it comes to riding in the rain. A few things I have noted:

    • It is somewhat uncomfortable, without a doubt, though not nearly as bad as people think, as long as you have..

    • Waterproof clothing. I got a pair of waterproof pants with outsized legs so I can fit shoes/boots through them. That and a raincoat, and I'm largely kept quite dry. However, I'm still looking for a good hat that will stay on in the wind and rain...perhaps a main lobsterman's style? Also, I should get rubber slip on boots, to save the leather.

    • The biggest detraction is the sense that, especially when it's dark, drivers really can't see you no matter how much you blink, glow, or reflect. It just feels dangerous, and that's not the way I like bike riding to feel.

    • Riding on the MUNI on a rainy day is no picnic, either: crowded, and with a level of humidity that makes you think "petri dish" every time someone coughs.

  3. Oldfool- Isn't it funny how things get kinda bleak when we don't use our bodies? I am glad we can cheer you up here in our little corner of the blogosphere : )

    Upright- Muni = petri dish. Most definitely! I have plenty of rain gear, but last year I lost my favorite rain hat and have yet to replace it. This is me in it : )

  4. We have had a lot of Rain this Year with Flooding in different parts of our Country mainly beginning two Month ago and yet still has not Drained away in parts of the West along the Shannon.

    I do not mind the ordinary Rain,the steady stuff that does not come streaming down. But the Continuous Downpour that last over Half an Hour and comes down in torrents really drives me mad.

    I wear Glasses and they continuousely get fogged up. All I can do is keep wiping the Lenses with my Fingers and hope for the best. This is compounded when it is dark out and everybody else is feeling the same as you including the Car Drivers,everybody gets sluggish and you have to take care more.
    Sometimes you have to watch out for Joggers who suddenly loom out of the darkness with no Lights. I recommend Lights for Joggers.Dublin Ireland.

  5. this is great Ade. and thanks old fool - we are glad to hear that, of course Ade is our bloggin energy for the site :DDDD