Friday, December 4, 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: is it friday happy hour yet...edition

1.) a sleepy hollow type fog kissing the streets of san francisco.

2.) plenty of red cheeked commuters blowing cotton puff balls out of their mouths.

3.) my fingers…FREEZING. Why did I forget to put on my gloves when I left my apartment? Either way, it was remedied at the intersection of highway and my way. Pronto.

4.) no ichabod crane, but another commuter on a trusty steed singing country tunes. Loudly.

5.) not less than a minute later, dixie chicks blaring from someone's car windows.

6.) a passive aggressive blue prius trying to block bikes at the interection at 8th and market where cars must turn right. i think i heard a bike run into him while it was trying to pass him on the left.

7.) one of my bike basket's florecitas flying into the street. i littered. i feel bad that i could not stop to pick it back up, but it was lost in a mound of traffic behind me. my flower or my ass. you decide.

8.) leather gloves on the ground. i wish i had gotten a pic of it for ade's sake. and why?! it pretty chilly up in these parts right now. perhaps they are being reused as we speak.

9.) as I was parking my bike in its usual spot, I noticed someone taking a picture of me with his cell phone from inside the coffee shop. Real subtle buddy. I was parking next to his bike perhaps? last time i checked bike racks were two bikes per one rack ratio. OR maybe he likeded my bici's flowers? either yah, I saw you. Oh hai.

Happy (hour) Friday everyone!

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  1. It is funny what you find on the side of the road. People drop all kinds of stuff. You should always take pictures of it!