Thursday, December 24, 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: happy holidays edition

this past sunday, the san francisco bike coalition held its 6th annual christmas lights ride. it started off at around 6:30pm and we rode all over the city looking at houses that really go all out with their light decorations. we rode to christmas tunes, sang some of our own made up holiday songs, and, of course, were very very merry.

after having lived on the east coast for so long, it doesn't feel like christmas to me unless it's 30 degrees F. however, this ride helped me get into the holiday spirit. new friends 2.0, old friends, new bikes, old bikes, spirits and snacks, and lots and lots of lights for all!

"merry christmas asshole! :)" -- to a car that insisted on honking often and loudly at the 100 or so bikers around us.

"we're, like, the happiest gang ever."


"fa la la la la, ga ga ga gaaaah"


[singing with carolers to various tunes]



"nice sf tie"

"our rudolph's nose went out!!"

(and i'm not joking about how often i heard those "wheee"s either)


a wise man with a yarn beard once said...

A wise man

(all of the following photos by Volker Neumann)

christmas lights panda!

it's a very meli christmas.

wheeee! (see, i really wasn't kidding about that)

christmas lights limbo!

snack time. finito. spirits and smiles all around.

despite the light rain, & a man down (sad face), it was really fun. good times :)

please share your bikey holiday lights stories. i've seen some pics on flickr already. GO!

happy holidays everyone!


  1. That looks sooo fun!!

    Adrienne, Calitexican and Meligrosa,
    Just a note to say a continued thanks for all your blogs. You guys are unfailingly warm, FUN, wise
    and completely lovable
    Happy Holidays
    Jon C.

  2. oh thanks!!!! jon
    many hearts <3333

  3. thanks!! and happy holidays/merry christmas eve to you too!

    much love, CTX

  4. We are also quite adept at drinking beer : )

  5. ooh, beer is good ... nice to see all my pics up there :) yay... er... whee...