Monday, December 21, 2009

Lee 2G

Another contribution from one of you out there in the world! It's like getting an early Christmas present. Or a late Hanukkah gift, your choice : ) Lee is one of the folks out there in the San Francisco Bay Area that rides all the way from SF to Cupertino (38 miles, one way!) at least once a week. I love how this group has turned a bicycle commute into a way to socialize and encourage one another! Would you commute by bicycle more if you had people to ride with?

"I met the SF2G gang at last year's Bike-to-Work Day, where they
traditionally assemble large rides out of San Francisco down to
various workplaces along the peninsula. Although I was a little
anxious, I found them to be friendly, encouraging, and enthusiastic
cyclists, some of them advanced, and some the everyday-type, spinning
along like the rest of us. I learned that these rides occur just about
every working day. Some of the rides may be faster paced than others.
But, the group usually hosts a pleasantly paced, super-social ride at
least one Friday a month. After my bike-to-work experience, I started
participating in their morning bike commute rides more often. And,
after learning the routes, going on them myself or often, with other

There are a number of reasons why I bike the 40-plus miles to work on
some mornings. Some reasons are easy to understand, like the feeling
you get from the fresh air and the exertion, having your workday start
with you in a good mood, getting to see the Bay Area in a way you
wouldn't normally, and so on. But overall, I think for me it's simply
just about the adventure and the spirit of camaraderie that that
adventure can bring out in you and the people riding next to you."

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  1. this is great Lee, I def. have gone no more than 10mi to work one way, but i agree is def. a great way to destress the brain.

    thanks for sharing your perspective on the SF2G :D