Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Gigante in San Francisco

We are head over hills with the last few games, events, halloween, we are all surprised our Ade is so active on FB!! wooot --- so many surprises and we can almost smell the World Series winners around the corner.
We have even gotten to see our girl KT on TV!! the biggest fan of them all =)
Calitexican and the Rangers will have to step up their game and win some to make it exciting... only so we can have the win in our beloved Califas state. kthx!

Speaking of our amiga KT, here are some of her pictures to kick off the week in spirit.
I think we have all gone to a game with her at this point. So much fun!!
kt + mel + giants!
KT and calitexican looking fabulous at the Gaints' bike valet parking by Kristin Tieche
Mixte Gals at Giants Game
Mixte Gals at Giants Game by Kristin Tieche

and here with a super cool orange townie!!
Giants Win 11 - 2!
Giants Win 11 - 2! by Kristin Tieche 

F*ck Yeah!
!!!! =)

+Vamos Gigantes!!!

**Also note that Civic Center will project the game this afternoon, Civic Center will show the game on the big projector (World Cup style) today Monday!      
Mayor Gavin Newsom's spokesman Tony Winnicker said city officials sought to  show Saturday's Game 3 on a jumbo screen at Civic Center Plaza, similar to  how more than a dozen World Cup soccer games were shown there over the summer. _via nbcbayarea


  1. let timmy smooooke!

    and would be nice for texas to win ONE MORE game so y'all can win at home. i'll be in nyc for those shenanigans. thanks god.