Tuesday, November 23, 2010


What do you on black Friday?!
I am a big advocate of buy nothing day on black Friday.
As a matter of fact I didn't shop much at all this year. A compulsive purchase were some awesome I'm-in-my20s-and-4inch-platforms-are-awesome boots, and the other on the other hand was quite necessary, when my saddle was totally done while riding. I can honestly say I rode that thing until it fell apart. That is all I can think of.

However, I do still purchase coffee. I am looking forward to chill at a coffee shop Friday morning with mi mom and enjoy some quiet beautiful serenity in the City.
Also really looking forward to have some time off work and eating lots. Like a teenager.
Happy Thanksgiving week!

Our longtime reader Val, shares some info for ride to those gigantic boots and hat, this Friday in Seattle, now that is my kind of photo-op!! =)
"Yes, indeed, it’s time for the last Cargo Bike Picnic Ride of the illustrious year of 2010!  You all know the drill by now, or if not, look here:  
We don’t guarantee much, but we do guarantee to ride, eat drink and have fun!  See you there and then!" -Val


  1. I do shop on Black Friday -- a tradition with my SIL -- but not the rest of the year, so it's only a little weirder than the Mall Schtick would be anyway.
    I bring ye olde folding bike in the rental car and make sure I get in a ride...

  2. After managing a Gap in the early 90's and having to work every Holiday and Black Friday for years, I will never shop on any predetermined day ever, ever, ever. It will be all about a day of Food Network and turkey sandwiches. And a nap. Maybe a ride to the cafe.

  3. fantastic blog you have here! i love your idea of not shopping on black friday. i will not be shopping but will be in the midst of the craziness because i work in retail....ahhhh!

  4. Ah, thanks for the photo love. Whatev's to Black Friday!

  5. I was an assistant manager for the Limited Express in the late 80's and remember having to hang and fold new merchandise on Thanksgiving Day in time for Black Friday. I was making about $5.10 an hour, by the way. I plan to be cross country skiing on Friday (Nordic Center just announced they will be open!) and if I buy anything other than hot coco it will be a flat paddle hair brush to replace the one I lost at the gym.

  6. I generally refuse to shop on Black Friday, but LED Maglites were on sale for half price at the Lowe's just a couple miles from the house.

    Hopped on the bike, cruised over, in and out in 5 minutes with a 2D for the front mini rack on the Quickbeam, for that vintage rando look; and a Mini Mag to fender mount on the Schwinn cruiser.

    It's all about the bike.

  7. Viva la buy nothing day!
    I'm not a big shopper either. I pretty much only spend money on food and necessitys. Everything else I either make or trade. I <3 clothing swaps!