Tuesday, November 16, 2010

rain and rickshaws

the other week i went into exile after the giants won to new york city with the mama texican. we packed a lot into a short trip, maybe minus an afternoon tea date.

we had a SCHEDULE to follow one day. this day was to see carmen at the metropolitan opera. ok, so the only thing we really had to do was leave our hotel at 5pm in order to have dinner and get to the show. it was raining, and oh yah, 5pm is prime rush hour time during the week. maybe you've heard of this phenomenon. hotel was too far from lincoln center to walk and cabs were all full.

so what did we do? we looked at each other and hopped in a pedicab. dresses and fancy pants (literally) and all...

please excuse the quality of the pics. it was pretty bumpy back there.

here we go...

left side bike lane

van blocking bike lane. typical

aren't you cold?

would i recommend it again? depends on a few things. it was super fun though and an experience we both soon wont forget.

thanks for the birthday gift :) i will remember it always.


  1. Carmen at the Met! WOW! that had to be extraordinary!

  2. yah, it was pretty amazing. kinda scandalously sexy too. who knew? heehee :)

  3. I love that the pedicab has a rain cover! Makes me miss NYC!! I neeeeeeeeeeeeed to go back soon!

  4. I go up to NYC occasionally for a show and I love to take the bike cabs from Penn Station to Broadway. When the family is with me, we'll hire 2 and the drivers always race for us. It's definitely thrilling as they try to wedge between cars and pull out in traffic. But, it's a lot of fun!