Monday, November 1, 2010

The Giants Win The Pennant!!!!!

Giants, Baby!!!

This is the face of a happy GIANTS FAN!!!!!! This is the face of a fan who has waited a life time for her team to win the World Series. This is the face of a fan who has won a bet with fellow bicycle blogger, Doohickie, who was under the mistaken impression that San Francisco was going down!!


So keep your eyes open. Soon, very soon there will be a Texan in an SF t-shirt, pedaling the streets of Fort Worth, making sure all out there know that the World Champion baseball team is from MY city! San Francisco!!

My thanks to the Rangers for a great series! Gigantes!!!! We now return to our regularly scheduled bicycle blog.


  1. Sorry to be super anal, but they won the Pennant last week. This week they won the World Series.

  2. BOO from Texas! ;) Ha!

    The better team won. Good for SF!

    BTW, I can't wait to see a pic of Paul in a SF t-shirt.

  3. Ha! I'll keep an eye out for Doohickie and his Giants t shirt.

  4. hahaha, nice. sooo baddass. lipreading lincecum in the afterparty vid -- clearly dropping the "FUUU---" bombs! =D yeah!

  5. Adam - You're not being super anal, the pennant and the world series are completely different.

  6. @DD: siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. oh wells. i am definitely more of a spurs fan anyway, but this was such an exciting matchup!!

  7. The WS and the Pennant are indeed different. It was a reference to the very famous broadcast by Russ Hodges, The Shout Heard Around The World (1951)-

    "There's a long drive... it's gonna be, I believe...THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT!! THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT! THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT! THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT! Bobby Thomson hits into the lower deck of the left-field stands! The Giants win the pennant and they're goin' crazy, they're goin' crazy! HEEEY-OH!!!'' "

    It is appropriate.


  8. Congratulations! I know how it feels! My Angels won at the expense of your Giants back in 2002 for their first championship, but now SF finally has theirs!