Saturday, November 20, 2010

Small Moments

Small Moment


  1. "Little drops of water,
    little grains of sand,
    make the mighty ocean
    and the beauteous land.

    And the little moments,
    humble though they may be,
    make the mighty ages
    of eternity.

    Little deeds of kindness,
    little words of love,
    make our earth an Eden,
    like the heaven above.

    So our little errors
    lead the soul away,
    from the paths of virtue
    into sin to stray.

    Little seeds of mercy
    sown by youthful hands,
    grow to bless the nations
    far in heathen lands.

    Glory then for ever
    be to God on high,
    beautiful and loving,
    to eternity. "

    I was introduced to the above by my teacher in the first year of school.

    I do not have to win a big lottery before I could be happy.....

    All I need is a smile from him .... from her, and some kind words from him ... from her ... and as of today .. hopefully some considerations from certain motorists who .... (hey to encapsulate : Don't terrorise your fellowmen with your ego and arrogance - there are more enough terrorists from without who would like to do this.):p
    Sorry Ms Adrienne Johnson .. I gave in to temptation by adding in the last bit. :p
    Little nice things/moments will certainly make a pleasanter life!
    Have a wonderful week ahead to you and all who might drop by! :)


  2. A nice shot that says a lot about bicycling as a way to get around and appreciating the small things. Taking advantage of those little moments, the impromptu ones are just one gift from choosing to bike (or walk or take public transit). By the small moments, I am referring to those times I am on my way home and take a few minutes from pedaling to stop and talk to a friend or to look more closely at a cool looking cloud formation over the Peaks. Other times, it nearly passing a coffee shop and giving in to the urge to stop for a hot cup of whatever. I just wouldn't do that in a car, where time feels like money, so limited, so in a hurry. I just loose all that on my bike.

  3. Nice photo taken. Having a time to rest and talk for a while after a nice ride. A great time for bonding.