Thursday, November 4, 2010

The World In Review

Time now for a peek at what bicycling looks like in your neck of the woods-

One day I am going to get there! I am going to get to Amsterdam!

From Amsterdam and Amsters@m

Now that the trees are starting to turn I am ready to hit the road again. There is something about the colours that gives me wander lust.

Burke Gilman Trail
From Washington State, USA and papahazama

Do you ever wonder where people are going? There are so many of them and they all must be going somewhere.

Rush hour
From Amsterdam (again) and Iam Sterdam

Alone in the crowd is just fine if you have what you need.

Luz en el caos
From Chile and Quiltro Elemento

Yeah, yeah, yeah.. it's getting cold outside. That's what clothes are for!

Been there, Dundas
From Toronto, Canada and Xander

The title of the picture was "Behind Every Great Man..." You know the rest.

Behind every great man . . .
From Singapore and jeremyhughes

More Autumn!! I can not sit still!

Autumn Ride
From Bristol in the UK and Rocky IV

I wonder if I could get Hubby the Bikeman to let me hitch a ride? I don't think so. Maybe Greg can tote me around the next time I am in Portland?

Out to Brunch
From Portland, Oregon, USA and gregraisman

Thanks to all who have contributed to our Flikr pool! It is always a treat to see what the rest of the world looks like on a bicycle. What does your town look like? Show us!


  1. I have just posted a few Pictures on your Flicker Pool of my Dutch Bike and two of two Girls in Dublin City Ireland to show what it is like.

  2. Nice bunch of shots. They make me smile and remember that I am part of something really life enhancing.