Friday, November 19, 2010

The Dying Of The Light

According to the weather report, today was the last day of lovely light and long shadows. This last week has been spectacular, the kind of weather that makes you thrilled to live in Northern California. These may be my last pictures of Autumn.


Autumn Commute

When next you see me, I will be ready for near freezing rain.


Our Farmers Markets in San Francisco are year round. They may not produce quite so inviting a pannier tableaux by Saturday morning.


Here we go, people! The long, dark months are upon us! Get those lights on your bicycles (now! Stop reading this and go put some damn lights on your bike!), shake out the weather proof gear, make sure your panniers have adequate drainage, lube your chains and stop worrying about the extra weight and get some fenders already!


  1. Your comment about lights and fenders made my chuckle. I ride with them all year up here in rainy Seattle. And your bike looks a lot cleaner than mine. :)

  2. Lights are very critical, so thanks for the nice post reminding all about it! Lack of sunlight sucks, but that's part of winter.

    Fender save one's butt from road spit. Great idea!!

    Peace :)

  3. Lights, lights and lights! I am amazed at how many people ride at night without them. What is the issue with being see, I ask you?

    My bike is not that clean. It just has a very even patina of grime : )

  4. i know! the sun is so far south =( come back sunshine! well at least there's the holiday lights, crazy nights and champagne to get thru till spring =D (oh and i'll never rock the fenders!)