Thursday, November 11, 2010

Giant bicycles

We have all celebrated. We have all enjoyed.
Now we can sit and do some orange bloggie invasion.
Here are some of the orange lover bicycles around town and the crazy cool madness for the San Francisco Gigantes. I'm not even sure how I captured some images because, it really was insaneeeee--- FUN. Enjoy the little set
Win the world series. Ride a bike!

 The night the Giants won 
beyond-happy cutie
ranger fans
ranger fans? =)
I thought it was ade for a second
+from afar, I thought it was ade for a second with a different hair, you never know - she has so many bikes... LOL
my kinda fan
my kinda guy --- warriors!!
numero 1
numero 1!
this guy was yelling the whole street
and couldnt leave this 4-wheel awesomeness out - this guy was yelling for a whole block

 The day parade for the Giants
the kind of traffic I like
I got your back
baby got back
van ness
Van ness sometime before the whole speech-thing at city hall started. We were just trying to get from the south to the north. Quite impossible, and willingly happy to be 'caught' there =)

oh hai
leave it to me to find the bike posse with mi dead cellphone. oh HAI.

ok, the games might be over, but the joy +celebration continues to linger around town - I tell you.
Sign off for now --- the trouble makers crew ♥xxo.meligrosa

gigantes, fan y frenchie

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