Friday, November 12, 2010

It's All Greek To Me, Part 2

Onward and upward! What shall we talk about this time? Shall we tackle the "kid" myth? Let's jump in!

#2- You Can Not Ride In The City With Children

If you are a regular reader of this blog you already know this to be untrue. As I have posted about my own kid's adventures in San Francisco, ad nauseum, if it were true that one can not ride in the urban environment with children then my whole family would disappear in a puff of fairy dust.

Family Commuting

I wonder if this gentleman knows that he and his children are figments of the collective imagination? This would mean that the martial arts class he and his kids are riding home from probably didn't exist either.

After School Fun

These children will be scarred for life when they find out they don't exist. I didn't really see them and my camera took a picture of ghosts. They seemed to be enjoying their imaginary trip across the Sunset District. Their fathers seemed to be happy, too. Perhaps it takes a great deal of pressure off the soul when you don't exist. It couldn't possibly be the bicycle ride in the sun.

El Barrio

A lone child on a bicycle in the Mission? Not possible. Who lets their children ride their bicycle to soccer practice?

Madsen Neighbor

My imaginary neighbor. He has three lovely boys that ride in the bucket to and from school.

Dresses Are For Bike Trailers

You can tell this picture is fake. What Mom would ride with their daughter on the back?

The Moms Take The Road

Multiple Mom's, unrelated to one another, on Valencia Street with children riding on the backs of their bicycles? Never happened.

Who Needs A Minivan?

Big Load

These last two pictures are proof that I have to be making all of this up. These families just do not exist in San Francisco. I mean, really. With the hills and the cars and the time constraints....


  1. Brilliant myth-busting! SF is a great example to use when demonstrating how family-friendly cycling is. Folks around here (Portland) complain of the hills, but if all those kids in the photos can make it around SF, surely they can make it around here.

  2. Adrienne, you are a bad ass chica! Seriously, all the conversations I have with people about how possible it is to have a lifestyle on bike whether youre a parent, disabled, elderly, etc., will be referred here, lol! Thank you for tackling these issues and showing people that lifestyle cycling is possible!

  3. So, I guess this blog: must not exist, either? Julian will be crushed to heart it. Val

  4. Hear it, that is. Val;

  5. So nice to see these pic's of kids on their bikes - Good work Mom and Dad who ever you are!!

  6. "if it were true . . . then my whole family would disappear in a puff of fairy dust."

    If you could do that at a matinee you could charge admission.

  7. Nearly every city I've visited has incredible bike paths that are off the road and are perfectly safe for families of all sizes, shapes, and ages.
    The city that never stops amazing me is Washington D.C. The last two times I've been there, I spent a lot of time on a bike. And I was able to get wherever I wanted w/ out worry of crazy auto drivers.
    Thanks for the great pictures. I love to see families on bikes.