Sunday, November 28, 2010

Now, biking those pies off

Día de gracias
Frenchie on MacAllister, Nov. 2010.


  1. Thankfully we have only one Thanksgiving in Ireland and that is on Christmas Day but that is enough for us. I dont think I could eat any more Turkey's until the following Year.

    However that does not stop People from Stuffing themselves with Food at any time of the Year,it is a growing problem. The best solution is to go and Ride it off on your Bicycle no matter what the Weather is like. Very nice Bicycle.

  2. oooooh yeah!
    Made a killer pecan crusted pumpkin pie which was MUCH better than the standard "back of the can" pie, but was feeling pretty sluggy when I headed off for the 4 mile ride to Home depot and back this afternoon!

  3. Yeah, I definitely overindulged in pies this year. (Oh, hello roadbike!)