Monday, May 17, 2010

Wrap It Up!

Wicker bike! I want a wicker bike! When this gentleman pulled up next to me ( I think his name was Eric, but if not, and you know him, let me know and I will correct it) I was instantly covetous of his fine ride.

Wicker Bike!

I was completely enthralled by just how thoroughly wickered his bicycle was. Everything was meticulously wrapped. Even the rack, which he said was his favorite part.

Wicker Rack
Look at how perfectly it is wrapped!

I particularly liked the seat. It can't be easy to get all of the contours right. I didn't think to ask him if it was comfortable.

Wicker Seat

Val thinks they may come from Viet Nam. I'll buy that. I wonder if David Hembrow would make one of these with an Old Dutch? Either way, I have declared this to be the Bike to Work Day bike of 2010!

Just think, if it breaks down you could turn it into a rocking chair!


  1. I agree, that might be the coolest bike ever!

  2. Cool! I've seen a similar bike in Santa Barbara.

  3. i m from brasil i likes american i likes ride a bicycle

  4. That's pretty interesting! However, on the bike seat, it won't be very comfortable when a piece of the wicker comes apart and sticks UP or OUT! (you know how wicker does that!).