Monday, May 10, 2010

The Road Of A Hundred Miles

It should always begin with a restroom stop.


More to come.


  1. And pancakes. I like to carb up with a hefty pancake breakfast for century rides. I feel like crap at the end but hey, it's tradition!

  2. Why do you feel bad at the end? After hills my greatest challenge is hunger on these rides. I never seem to be able to get enough calories in and you can really see it at the 60 mile mark. Meli and I had to pull over the last time because, despite eating all day, we were soooooo hungry we couldn't keep our bikes up.

  3. Bean and Cheese burritos work for me, but it took a few tries to find something I liked and could ride with. I hit a taqueria the night before and get a couple of small ones. Between those and some Hammer product I'm good to go. For RAGBRAI this year I'm going to rely on Church Pie and beer. As Kent the Mountain Turtle would say "I'm not a nutritional role model".

  4. Church pie is an essential on RAGBRAI. That and pooorrrkkkk cccchooopppsss! :-)

    Congrats! Riding a century is a big darned deal! I've done a few over the years and am consistely in awe at those folks who can frequently roll it long distances.

    I think I feel crappy because pancakes are pretty empty carbs and I eat way too many. Now, if I keep the day going with good protien and complete carbs it *really* helps. Also, lots of power snacks - fig newtons seem to do the trick for me. Bananas are great biking snacks. Century rides are one of the few occassions when I might do those power shot things. They really do help, especially towards the end.

    Last summer, on my 40th bday, my brother and I set out to do a century. We paused for a sushi lunch and the next thing we knew, it was too late to make it work. We only did 54 miles. So, I don't recommend leisurely sushi lunches for century rides! ;-)

  5. thanks so much MnG and harry for your comments. we are still adjusting to the idea of going for longer rides but they have been nothing but tremendous fun, and our scenic views in marin, and surronding bay area places, are just so worth it.

    asides food, of course my serious ultimate concern is coffee. might do a rear rack addition to my road bike, for that sole reason... <3

    we'll def. keep you posted sure thing
    cheers :D