Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Mixte Gallery

If you hit the bike blog circuit then you have more than likely read the many, many comments out there by "Doohickie". I always look forward to them here at the blog. Recently, "D" asked me to add S.A.M. to his mixte dedicated blog "The Mixte Gallery". I was happy to oblige. He put in a slideshow of shots I have taken of S.A.M. and it turns out I am a little obsessed (he is a back up bike, afterall).


Go take a look!


  1. gotta love my texas circuit of bloggers <3333

  2. Woohoo!

    You know what's funny? Two things: First I think it's funny that we get a charge from being mentioned on each other's blogs. My first thought when I saw this was, "OMG Good press for my blog!" But then again that's kind of what I'm doing for the people whom I post on my blogs. So it's just kind of a big ol' cool mutual admiration society.

    Second funny thing: I'm following so many blogs I actually forgot which blog was yours! I will tweak the post to mention CYLRAB over The Gallery.

    And... that's still a cool bike!

  3. Doohickie - it's called google reader ;-)
    woo-hooo! texi-cali connection
    oh yea

  4. I kinda think of us as all different sections of a great big online newspaper. I love seeing all of the people out there who feed off of each other and find ways to get the message out in their own style.