Saturday, May 1, 2010

Howdy, Ma'am.

From Val, our "Bikedude" extraordinaire! We love when he sends us stuff. I always picture him riding off into the sunset after making the range a more bikeable place!

Today, as I was walking through the local grocery store, I had to pause for a moment to give a couple of very young girls a chance to consolidate themselves to one side of the aisle. They looked to be 3 and 4 years old, out shopping with their dad. The older one (who had the task of carrying the basket) looked up at me as I passed and said "Cow..boy". I get this a lot from the small ones, and I always just walk away proud, thinking "Yep, well spotted, kid". This time, as I walked away, I heard the dad telling her "No, no - that's that dude on the bike, you remember, you've seen him...". Now I'm thinking "Oh HELL yes!" Say what you like, but I seriously believe that the cowboy hat makes me much more visible, and therefore keeps me safer, than any bike helmet.


  1. "Oh HELL yes"
    love this!!!

    we luv you Val!! :D

  2. Hey! I recognize him! ;) I see him off and on up the hill from where we live.

    If I recall correctly, he works at a local bike shop up there...

  3. That's the same philosophy behind my decision to wear a feathered 2 ft tall chorus girl headdress. Well, that and it makes me look fabulous.

  4. Mark: See? That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.
    Adam: Sounds good, as long as it truly does make you look fabulous. Fishnets help, too.