Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

hi mom!

Here in the States we celebrate Mother's Day the second Sunday in May. In Mexico, it is always on the 10th of May, so my mom is used to two celebrations. Yea sure why not.

Here in our little blog, only one out of 4 of us is a mommy. Congrats Ade to you and your lovely family. We love you Ade –

And to all our lovely mothers on wheels, we'd like to say ♥Happy Mother's Day♥ enjoy your day with your family loved ones!


  1. And a happy mothers day to you!

  2. Funny. With the exception of my Bat, we don't ride any of those bikes anymore! The kids have grown so much since those shots : )

    Thank you for the beautiful post, Meli! It means a lot : )

  3. Happy Mother's Day! Nice blog.

  4. hearts y haloz to all the mamas out there. :) te queiro mucho....