Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Coffee Window On The Bike World

My Steed Awaits

For those who know Meli, Cali and myself, the name "Four Barrel" is somewhat synonymous with us getting together. It has been the jumping off point for many excursions and our default meet up spot.

Flickr Friends

When Esteban, from Vélo-Flâneur, was in town for a bit we met him at Four Barrel.

My favorite part of 4B is the front window. I love to sit in it and take pictures of what goes on outside.

Lean In

Because the café is located on Valencia St, near Market St, it gets a constant influx of bicycle riders (although it has NO bicycle parking which is my one HUGE complaint about the place). Every kind of bike rider passes by the windows and I can just sit and shoot away.

It Is Best To Ride With A Friend

You can usually count on someone you know being there. Helpful when you are experiencing technical difficulties.

Friendly Help

Most of the time, I just like to take pictures of the people riding by.


Smooth Rider

Sometimes, if the subject is just right, I am known to shoot other two wheeled conveyances.

He Looks Like My Youth

Hey. I am married, not dead : )


  1. married = death ; )

    Are you married to your bike?

    uhm...cyclist in Toronto

  2. oy so harsh. +lets say 'our' coffee window
    cuz sharing is caring. kthx
    <3 good spot, for sure. good spot.