Friday, May 7, 2010

johnny legs

i didn't know that john leguizamo was pretty into riding his bike. luckily for us, did and got footage of him running around nyc on his bici. check out his helmet stash...and watch him nearly get doored by nypd.

i'm particularly a fan of his reasons for why he rides. it's not just him "sav[ing] the world" as the cnn title suggests (although that is totally valid...). his reasons sound a lot like the ones we here at CYLRAB have said before: less stress, faster, enjoyable, etc. this makes me think he's the real deal. bummer to hear his wife does not join him after she nearly got hit by a car. puro sad face, #nobueno.

and here's the behind the scenes:

nice to see a latino celebrity-type talking about this stuff.

have a great weekend and happy riding. gonna be beautiful here in the yay. enjoy!!

thanks to CI for the forward on facebook :)


  1. heh, I thought my friends were the only ones who said bueno/nobueno.
    you're making me homesick

    oh, and nice post.

    kenneth aka eltejano

  2. Loved the post. A question for all - I noticed John showing his helmet collection but that he wasn't wearing a helmet when he rode.

    How many of you wear a helmet regularly?


  3. @eltejano: i'm always some degree of very homesick to VERYVERYVEYRY homesick. i don't get home often enough, but i do enjoy bringing the texas with me wherever i go. this includes saying "y'all" and "#nobueno" and "CHALUPAS."

    @laura: he said he normally wears a helmet, but didn't for the video because it's not camara friendly(?).

    i'm gonna remain mum on the helmet issue cause either way one answers that question on the internet starts a flame war that i'm personally not interested in participating in. :)

  4. Great video!
    I've always liked John Leguizamo (now more reason to like him!)

    As for the helmet issue. I never wear one. Not that I'm opposed to people choosing to wear one, I just don't think it should be law.