Wednesday, May 5, 2010


When I say "tandem" most of you will think of something like this-

Tandem Through Town

but there are other ways to have two on bike.

You Carry The Chair, I'll Take A Nap

The top tube is always available should your son feel like he needs a nap.


Speakers are always a good spot to perch yourself on, especially if they are on the back of Deep's Trikeasaurus (2.0).

Side Car

There is always the possibility of grabbing on from the side. No one said you have to always be behind.

Kid Hauler After All

Sometimes tandem is just a suggestion.

Do you ride with a "plus one"?


  1. I rode my mom tandem around Stanley Park in Vancouver. She kept jumping off the back, which made the whole adventure very dangerous. When she finally started to trust my driving, we were ok and enjoyed ourselves considerably!

    We might try tandem up there again at the end of May, and if so, I will surely share some pics!

  2. My father has a Sociable tandem, like this one (I think it's exactly the same model, in fact): side-by-side tandem. I hadn't even thought of it for years, but lately I've been thinking of asking to borrow it for one of the upcoming Sunday Streets SF events when they shut down some of the city streets to car traffic. (If you're anywhere near a city that does this kind of thing, you should go to one. It is SO much fun to go riding, walking, or skating along the street in a big happy crowd of self-propelled people with absolutely ZERO worries about motorists getting aggressive or driving unpredictably.)

  3. lexica- that bike looks like soooooo much fun!

  4. When I bike for me, I'm solo. When I bike around town, I have the Trail-a-Bike with me and my 6-year-old riding shotgun. He loves feeling like he's really biking, and I get an extra boost up hills!

  5. My daughter recently out-grew the tag-a-long, graduating to biking sans training wheels all on her own. While the new found freedom is indeed, it's also a little bittersweet. The connection you have to keep while hooked together is fantastic.