Friday, May 21, 2010

Not into Spandex?

I love how often than not, in the States, most people relate cycling to fast speed-tight clothing-and all things fastfastfast and bloody like Lance. I personally have nothing against lycra, nor nothing against Lance - I think he is great. Say, I just don't wear it because it really is possible wearing your normal clothes and trolling around town. Getting from home to work, school Etc.
The times that I have not 'liked' people in lycra is wen they think I'm cutting 2 seconds off their time training or they probably think I don't know what I'm doing. Shoot, I dodge doors, skip monster potholes, master the art of going over train rails and climb our beloved San Francisco hills, everyday – not just on weekends to train for some race, or show off my expensive bike. And I am very happy most of my bikey friends feel that way.
However, I must also say that I have met some really really nice people in their whole complete lycra outfits. So there.

That said, mostyl, if you are reading this blog, then you know what I mean, I just wanted to share this article I came across today in the NBC Area Blog-Local News:
Not into Spandex? Cycling Can Still Be Your Thing
by Kirs Sanchez
"...Hildebrand says an added bonus to taking up cycling rather than other sports, is that it is an activity you're likely to be able to enjoy longer in life than running, tennis or other higher-impact sports."
I live, ride and am part of a community that knows how to be "being normal" and how to dress the way you would, if you went to go buy milk at the corner store. I consider that cycling, and even thought the article makes me want to explore more foresty trails, mountains and dirt paths, I am a happy person in my city. It is a jungle of its own.
Here are some recent cycling photos from our Flickr pool:

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