Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can I Ask You A Question?

What if riding your bicycle really made a difference? What if every time you got on your bike to ride to work or get a beer or do the shopping there was an actual positive effect?

What if just riding your bicycle could help bring a long absent species back to your city? Would you ride more?

What if just riding your bicycle helped lower the noise pollution so that we could hear the wind in the trees? Would you find a way to ride more?

What if just riding your bike could bring the smell of honeysuckle back to your neighborhood?

What if riding your bicycle gave you more reasons to keep riding your bicycle?

Would you ride more?


  1. What do you mean what if? It does all those things and probably other positive things we haven't discovered. I love my bike(s).

  2. Another what if...what if riding your bicycle and talking about it and blogging about it encouraged others to ride their bicycles? :-)

  3. Unfortunately I am just a selfish Person it is just me me me. I enjoy Riding my Bicycles and looking at all those Idiots in Cars closed up in a Cocoon. I think to myself how Unhealthy they all look with their Pale Pallor Coughing and Sneezing and Closetted in Overcoats and probably a lot of them are Smoking with Children in the back.

    I love to Smell the Trees and Flowers and dont forget the Coffee wafting out from the Caf├ęs as I pass by on my way into the City of Dublin . I sometimes stop to have a look at the Swans or a Heron from a Bridge overlooking the Tolka River at Fairview. As I Regardez le Scene Through Rose Tinted Specs I say to myself Life is Beautiful. I do not normally think of the Benefits of Cycling on the Environment,but occasionally now I am getting more conscious of it. Latter Years I have become involved in Cycling Advocacy because of the bad conditions and Car Dependency and this is also what I promote protecting the Environment for the Future People of the Planet.

  4. I'm with Old Fool on this one. Not that I need excuses to ride more...

  5. We might be able to do something like this in Sydney soon (I might have to move down there)!


    At the moment the only smells that cyclists enjoy in Sydney are fumes! :)

    Fingers crossed!


    Dr Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

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  7. Who wants to ride to the moon?!

  8. I feel most like myself when I'm on the bike. Sounds weird, but it's true!

  9. but i already do those. i do ask questions when im on other than bike-transportationz

  10. What if we could convince people of this? How?

  11. You're asking the wrong crowd. Of course we would ride more, even with only one or two of those benefits. In fact, we do ride. All that we can.