Sunday, January 17, 2010

Riding through history in red stockings.

I'd love to adhere a story with this photograph, but I found it in the land of the blogesphera. Draw your own personal perspective and enjoy this. I like this shot a lot.

Update: Photo by Evelyn Hofer "Girl With Bicycle" Dublin, 1966


  1. If you follow it through the labyrinth of tumblr, you end up here:

  2. This looks like the front cover of a book I would like to read. And thanks limadaen for the i.d. - Evelyn Hofer, Dublin, 1966 -

    [check out the rest of her photos at that link (no other bikes but the chairs against painted backdrop and the gravediggers are truly wonderful!)]

  3. Well, so it seems my first impression was wrong; I had it as the late 50s. I'd hazard that neighborhood is thoroughly gentrified now with those houses selling for rather more than what the mere middle class can afford.

    In that time and place (and others like it) there was often a family bicycle because they could only afford one. An interesting contrast to where many of us are now where even the family car has been replaced by a car for each person and an extra for the dog. It was almost always a step through because the children could ride it standing up, with the saddle nose poking them in the shoulder blades.

  4. limadaen + imaginary bicycle/ thanks!! link updated- gotta give credit where credit is deserved!! +thanks for your comments

    kfg/ excellent point. isnt that rather ironic how decades have passed and the human feeling of displacement continues to happen. you would think we'd learn from our past mistakes.

  5. Zounds !!
    The photo gods were smiling that day. Everything came together so beautifully . I'm not sure you can
    do that on purpose . The photo says soo much.

    KFG, I can totally remember having to stand to
    petal , and coaster brakes.
    Jon C.

  6. That is a great Picture but it seems Older than 1966. That was the time when we were about to enter the 20th Century. The Country had not changed much since the 1930ties or 40ties but the Spectre of the Motorcar was about to hit us with an improving Economy. At that time we had a thriving Cycling Culture only we did not think it was such,we only Regarded Bicycles as something to use as Transportation and there was few Cars on the Road. After this our Roads gradually became Blocked up with Cars and People started getting Killed by them and the Bicycle was gradually replaced by the Car. Until only a few Bicycle Afficienados were left and Cycling became uncool.

    Now it has turned full Circle and People are using Bikes again and Demanding more Infrastructure.

    I was trying to Pinpoint this Location in my Head and I think it is in the Oxmantown Road Area of Dublins Nth side,these Houses are known as Artisan Dwellings and were and are Working Class Housing,I think they were Guinness Workers Houses Originally. But these Days People of all kinds now own them and are not necessarily Lower Middle Class anymore.

  7. Gorgeous photo. I thought it to be much older as well until I noticed the abundance of television aerials.

  8. Love it - the socks, her expression, the dog, the bicycle. I sense quietness and reflection. She's such a ray of light on a gloomy street.

  9. I have a picture of my mother in about 1956 Cambridge that isn't that different in feel from this wonderful shot. I 'll have to scan it and put it up!

  10. What a stunning photograph, the light in this is really fantastic, and I love the darkness of the bicycle frame against the girl's outfit, and the shadows on the road.

    This bike has very cool front forks, swept back handlebars and a double top tube on a step through frame - it would be most desirable if it existed today!

    Thanks so much for sharing something that really needs no comment and is just beautiful in itself.