Thursday, January 7, 2010

thursday well wishes

here's a cute picture to for you to hopefully use as your carrot as you ride past the middle of the week. perhaps your ride is through chilly windy weather like here in sf, or over cold snow and ice in the eastern part of the us, or through warmer conditions in the southern hemisphere. or maybe your ride is with the economy, your job, or your relationships.

either way, we all have our trusty bicis to help us find the way back home.

"wedding cake" by philipyk

and then we eat fruit. and/or maybe cake. :)


  1. wow this is rad.
    ok french press anyone?!

  2. i want one too!! so bake we shall...

  3. Oh god this post makes me feel like the Cookie Monster, I could demolish that bike cake in one go nomnomnomnom...