Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sit Up & Beg?

I hate that term. This guy certainly doesn't look like he is begging for anything!


How about, looking-them-straight-in-the-eye style?


  1. "This guy certainly doesn't look like he is begging for anything!"

    Well of course not; he isn't riding in the sit up and beg position. No Scooby snack.

  2. I am always impressed with the 'look no hands' approach to cycling.

  3. that's actually more like the Dutch Bike riding position, only with a really steep seat tube and really tiny head tube/stem :)

    I like to call it the "see over all the cars" position :)

  4. i like's "see all over the cars" label. that fits me.

  5. I prefer the term "upright biking" (hence my moniker) because it not only describes a body's position on the cycle itself, but also implies a certain higher standard of biking citizen.

    Schwinn, however,considers upright bikes as ones that sit on a stand in a den somewhere in the Midwest. Alas.

  6. This Chap seems to be quite Tall and the Bike frame seems to small for him.
    No wonder he is Riding without using Hands ,more comfortable for him.

    It would be very hard on his back slouched over the Handlebars with his hands on the Bars and his derriere would be very Sore as well. It looks a nice Antique style Bike as well.

    I used to Work with a very tall Guy and he would use a Beater Bike for Commuting and it was to small for him. He had the seat Stem set very high to compensate rather like this Person.

    I cannot Ride very long with my Hands off the Bars ,I tried it loads of times and it did not work. So I admire People who can do this for long Periods.

  7. Great picture and I agree about the "sit up and beg" wording.