Monday, January 11, 2010

Quilt chronicles.

Break Away
Break Away
here is Ade during winterfest
idunno i just take pictures yaknow
Here is Ade with David Baker, architect, cyclist and sfbc board of directors. He won the bid for the quilt.

2010 SFBC Board Retreat - Two Cats, Two Pillows, One Bike Quilt by sfbike
- - -
and shown above is the new home for the quilt raffled by the SFBC, lives.
oh hai kitties :D


  1. That quilt would look sooooooo much better on my bed : P Nancy did such a great job on that!

  2. That is a great looking quilt.
    And the cats seem downright angelic!
    Mine burrow under the quilt and give it an occasional chew.

  3. I still think that picture of me and David looks like we are negotiating the yenta fee : )

  4. Pretty creative.

    Awwww, love the photo of the week!

  5. you knowwwww you were. i giva a litto more - nop - oh i giva yu a litto mo'!!

  6. nice quilt and great kitties. do you ever have to fight them for a spot on the bed? at our home there is 3 of the cats sleeping on the bed many nights, especially if it is cold. then, the shaggy wants up on the bed too LOL...


    Just sayin hi and ...

    Peace :)