Friday, January 29, 2010

Room With A View

There are more and more riders on my street everyday. These are not recreation riders, they are people on their way to class at City College or State University. Sometimes they are west side San Franciscans on their way to work. It is a good route to get to the Zoo or the beach. There are 3 public schools along the way. This provides me with the opportunity to stalk cyclists right here in my own front yard. I am quite sure my neighbors think I have gone nuts, but a year ago I could count the number of cyclists on my street in a day in the 20's. Now, I usually stop at 100! It has slowed down a bit with the tremendous winds (although the rain doesn't make as big a dent if the wind is down), but my fellow two wheeled compatriots remain. It makes me very happy.


Bus Stop

Centurion on Congo St.

Monterey Boulevard


White Socks

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  1. great set ade.
    I ihave had the same increase in my also not-so-bike-popular side of town, and it makes me smile everytime (now) that I see more and more normal looking people taking the back streets Ibeen taking for the last 6+ yrs, which at that time, all I saw was triathlete-like herds. Go SF Go!! :D