Monday, January 4, 2010

Waltz Of The Bikes

This is a little movie put together by Mike Rubbo over at He is the man that did the films about Sue Abbott and her fight to overturn a ticket she received while riding helmet-less in Australia. What I love about this film is the sheer mundane nature of it. No one in it is remarkable. Each person lives next door to each of us. There is absolutely nothing in it that could not happen anywhere in the world, if only we chose to have it be this way. Everything is only as hard as we make it, so maybe watching this will help us all to try to make things easier and nudge us to just get out and try a new way of living. Enjoy!

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  1. Adrienne, thanks for posting the Waltz. Your email did not work and so I'm wrting this way.

    Below is a article on a powerful woman at Giant with interesting ideas.

    I had the idea that we could all blog our responses to her policy thoughts at around the same time, and that is might get through to her as a curious blog phenomenon, and have some influence.

    I'd talk about the Centro and Cosmo models (which seem to have replaced my Giant suede) about putting emphasis on the sit-up bikes like those two, as ideal urban transport etc.

    I might suggest sit-up bike types named after cities, like the SF, the Sydney, etc. to promote them as urban transport

    Would you be interested in a loosely co ordinated effort like that. I have about ten bike blogs, Hembrow's is one, I'd invite to do a post on their take on this article.