Monday, January 18, 2010

Meeting People

This is Sisely (I hope I got her name right! I am very bad with names). She passed me while I was riding on Valencia street. Her bright green bike (a Specialized Langster) was noticeable enough, but it had very unusual steel fenders that caught my eye.

Sisely (26/100)

When I saw the bike parked near me a few minutes later I had to take a look! I love how they are cut out to accommodate the brakes. The bolts are a wonderful touch!

Handmade Fender

The best thing about this? Sisely made the fenders herself! She works in a metal shop and decided to do some DIY . I love that a woman fabricated bike parts for herself and look forward to more woman following suit!


  1. That's great! Not that I have her skills, but I've been thinking of trying something like that myself. Do you have a close up of the rear rear bolts and their attachment?

  2. I am with you-- the fact that she made those fenders herself puts them in a whole 'nother category of cool.

  3. agreed! i love studs and those fenders are rockin!! rad.

  4. Agreed these are in their own category of fabulousness!

    But what is coolest about this post is that you just stopped and chatted to some random - I think this is such a valuable thing and so lacking in our modern lives - more kudos to you Adrienne