Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy campers.

We have been talking and thinking about doing some bike camping soon and draggin friends with us. Can't wait for the spring and see what other adventures we might get into, including perhaps a century... oh yea. Thought I'd share this sweet painting by Kevin Cyr, based out of NYC. Neat stuff.
Have you gone bike camping? if so do tell :D
Happy Sunday!


  1. Eleven of us went on a one-night bike camping trip outside of Kansas City. For me, it was about a 70 mile round trip. It was shorter for some, and longer for others. It was technically a "Sub-24 Hour Overnight" trip, or "S24O" as some bike touring/camping folks call it.

    I was surprised and inspired by the variety of people's gear, from their bike types and how they opted to carry stuff to the camp site, down to the various supplies, tents, clothing, and food brought on the trip. I'm definitely organizing another one of these, maybe two, for 2010!

  2. Never done bike camping. But I have a camping trauma from my childhood...

  3. I've never tried bike camping, but have thought that some of the state parks around Monterrey Bay (Manresa Uplands, Sunset Beach particularly) and even down to Big Sur would be nice places to try. Manressa Uplands is a walk in campground with limited automotive access.

  4. Ah ha, I think I have found a photo of Mr. Cyr's inspiration on the Tiny House Design Blog at

    I've never bicycle camped, but have brought my bike along when car camping. Two awesome outdoor activities!

  5. hah thats a cool picture. I've never bike camped but my husband and I have been discussing doing it this year. Just a matter of buying all the gear and finding a place. I grew up camping alot so im excited to try it with a bike instead of a mobile home lol.

  6. I can not wait to hit the road!!!! I think the only thing I need is to get the racks on the Hoff and I am ready to go!

  7. noah/ oh my (& cant comment) but wowww that post is amazing!! LOVE all the photos. thanks so much for sharing, Im inspired hey-oh leets go!!!

    anna/ oy! :(

    george/ big sur, now we are talking. my gosh our state has so many gems to offer, I wanna bike everywhere :D

    pei-house/ oh yea! being outdoors and considering all means of transportations is always fun as well. are you in the states? cheers n thx for stopping by!!

    krista/ that would be so much fun! please do tell if you happen to do it, we'd love to hear from you and your family!

    ade y ctx/ racks, panniers and tons of snacks. Ill bring the french press, someone please bring the water heaters, you know for hot water coffee-tea friendly peeps. oh yea. count me in!!!

  8. point reyes! yes!
    mt. diablo yes!
    headlands warmup ride! yes! (haypress/hawk/kirby cove camps)
    half moon bay state beach! yes!

    so many awesome places reachable by bike... diablo and pt reyes include some pretty serious hills though, but hey, they're just mental. my lht can't wait to get out again!