Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hello Readers. Mucho Gusto.

Hi. Those rather enterprising sorts of readers may have noticed a new contributor as of this morning. Yes, that's me, calitexican.

You may have met me before on the interwebs, or not. I first appeared on this right here site right here (Texas grammar intentional), and then I popped up here. I kept bumping into Meli and Adrienne all over town and on flickr. Through our encounters, I came to believe we all share a similar philosophy on riding bikes, and how they can be incorporated seamlessly into one's lifestyle. I hope to make some of you laugh (or at least smile), and to make others of you think. Most importantly, I hope to encourage all of you to ride around over town just living your own life.

So no matter what sort of riding you do, please get to it. There's a lot of roads, trails, mud, grass, whatever and et cetera to explore.

I would like to officially shake hands with the internet for bringing the three of us to know each other. I would also like to thank Meli, Adrienne and Caryl for asking me to be a part of this venture.

Have a great rest of your day. New horizons await all of us.


  1. Get to it, chica! You got some bikin' to write about! : )

  2. Congratulations, ladies. This blog continues it's magnificent collaborative bloom. I'm excited to see what you all do next.
    Many kisses,

  3. Next? Take over the world mwahhahahahahahahahah : )

  4. 3 mixtes are invading the bike lane. Run and duck towards the coffee shop!!

  5. More people means more opinions and topics -- interesting!

  6. Yay! Making it easier for me to get my girly-bike fix on the go.

  7. I almost purchased the same floral saddlebag at Clever Cycles in Portland last spring. I really regret passing it up.