Monday, November 30, 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: back to the grind edition

(unfortuntately, the above does not refer to coffee grindings and such)

i hope everyone had a great 4 day weekend. mine was full of cat visiting (oh hai, i'm in urz haus), christmas tree getting and decorating, veggie leftovers, beer, coffee, and a couple of bike rides. i didn't go on the longer one i had intended...but such is life ;)

1.) lots more traffic on page. grrr. i missed it when all those cars were elsewhere.

2.) hitting the lights, for the most part. niiiice. yet i was still 6 minutes late. oops.

3.) my gears sticking & me nearly falling over at the green in front of a car and behind the bus. luckily for me, the car driver was patient and followed behind us (me and the other commuters) slowly for a couple of blocks.

4.) a bike light totally destroyed at the interestction of 5th and market. doh! i hope it wasn't due to a hit...just a bump w/ a bike light fall.

5.) me riding to jury duty at lunch. :) i serve my civic duties as needed. now if only there was better bike parking available...i must investigate civic center garage if i get called back tomorrow.

happy monday everyone!


  1. "coffee grindings" -- oh yeah, good time for a coffee break. Thanks!

    The CAPTCHA text for this is, strangely, "Gentibra," which sounds like something from an informercial.

  2. that sounds like everything i missed. i failed to bike at all from thursday to sunday, and was distinctly lacking in the feline realm due to my cats being left behind from friday through sunday while i attended a wedding.

    that's what LA does to you.

  3. I'm glad to hear you have your Christmas tree already. Now I feel better about wanting to get mine (husband keeps saying - but it's not even December yet. a couple of hours it will be...)

  4. @fritz: HA!! yes it does. i think i'll invent one, just so i can be in an informercial. heehee.

    @kit: from the below posts looks like there might be some fun bikey things going on down in LA. must investigate soon! as for the kiddos go, i can just imagine being away for a few days. torture!

    @dottie: i wish it were mine, but instead i helped a friend get one. she's leaving for london in 2 weeks, so she figured she might as well. it was a very when sally met sally moment but in SF where we dragged a tree onto MUNI instead dragging pine needles all over nyc sidewalks.

  5. "when all those cars where elsewhere" ha haaaa. run away kiddies to ur tukeyz!!! ;-)

    city hall has parking. i seen it thought I think is for staff only (?...)

    i grind coffee, u play with velcro. perfect