Tuesday, November 17, 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: tuesday is the new monday edition

-1.) the time!! i was running, oh, about 15 minutes late. grr. and i had woken up early too. :)

1.) a cop pulling up across the intersection. i make sure to make a complete stop, leaving nothing to interpretation, because i've seen cops pulling over cyclists in the a.m. rush hour traffic.

2.) a cyclist running through a stop sign and taking a left right in front of cop mentioned in #1. cop and cyclist have words. dirty looks were exchanged. everyone kept going on their merry little morning way.

3.) my favorite little traffic cop. no, that is not an oxymoron. she is responsible for directing traffic to turn from market street onto 8th street. she tends to do this in a way that is favorable to those who commute on two wheels. thank you!

4.) the traffic cop i almost hit yesterday while trying to avoid a pothole. oh heeeeey osssifer. sup? sorry about that!

5.) a silver fox of the architect-looking variety with a sense of humor. you know, he had the spikey silver hair, cool looking plastic glasses, rather large head. i do know of a bikey friendly architecture firm in the direction he was heading. it's not so far fetched a thought...

6.) said silver fox and i exchanged a smile after seeing two, um, junkies yelling at each other about how foiiiine each other is & how good it was to see them. sunny mornings are great for everyone.

7.) the time. i was only 5 minutes late. how did that happen? time slows down, in the best way possible, when you are in the saddle. even if it's just for a short commute.

happy tuesday everyone.


  1. I was followed all through the Wiggle by a patrol car, today : ( I patently refused to put my foot down at every stop sign. It is so hard to start up again with Declan on the back. I slowed as much as I could and then went. I guess they figured that was good enough : )

    No junkies on my trip. I feel cheated ; )

  2. no junkies?! go back outside!

    yeah, i was going up a hill on page and realllly didn't want to stop. it's a little hill, but man, still, every little bit counts. just wanted to go through the top. the girl who blew the stop sign was going down a hill, but she could have stopped...