Thursday, November 5, 2009

Taxi Service

Every time I ride across town I notice more and more people with kid set ups on their bikes. The best thing is that for the first time I am seeing an increase in woman carrying kids on their bikes! So tonight, I present some of the wonderful pictures of people transporting children that have been sent to us through the Flickr group.

photo by Xander n' Dante (Toronto)

photo by efeb (Copenhagen)

photo by Iam Sterdam (Amsterdam)

bicyclesonly (New York City)

photo by Meligrosa (San Francisco)

photo by Cleverchimp (Portland)

photo by fnagrom (California?)

photo by ktieche (San Francisco)

How do you get your kids around? Share the knowledge!


  1. I am currently toting Miss S on a Bobike mini seat or in the bakfiets. She is way too big for the Bobike mini though so I am thinking we need a bigger kid seat. I just hate the idea of putting her on the back. We probably will end up with a bigger Bobike.

  2. I so wanna ride in one of those bug things. if iwas only back to 45lbs and tiny :-D
    ♥go parents go!!!

  3. I'm using a cheap bike-trailer. It works great and can be attached easily to any one of our bikes. Lots of extra room for school bags, scooters, groceries etc and my three year old loves it.

    We never go any further than a 10km round trip. I'd like to get an Xtracycle next summer so I can ride greater distances and slice through the traffic a bit easier.

  4. Cosmo- I love my Bobike Junior. It is behind, but it folds down and it comes off the bike easily when I need it to. Having Declan back there is great, too. He sees me negotiating traffic and signaling and he has learned how to do it all from watching. I can tell him "turn right" and he throws out the bent arm for me or puts out his arm to make cars that are too close give us room : )

    Meli- sorry, Babe. You have to pedal for yourself.

    Antoine- my husband loves out xtracycle. I was not wild about my Burley in the City- too much traffic to negotiate for something that big. But on long recreational rides, we still will use the trailer.

  5. Hip Mamas and Daddies! I like very much. Get them started young.

  6. That photo by fnagrom is Santa Rosa.

    Great pics!