Sunday, November 22, 2009

There Are Bikes At The Expo?

So yesterday was the San Francisco Bike Expo. There were lots of pretty bikes, many of them plant based.

Bamboo Mama! Not For Sale!

Can anyone tell me why you would go to the trouble of making a truly beautiful wood bike with an internal gear hub and not take the tiny bit of extra effort required to machine a horizontal drop out so a tensioner is not needed? I posed this question to a guy from Renovo and I guess they are looking at changing that. I hope so, 'cause that is way too cool a bike for something that visually lame. Much nicer to have it clean like the one below.

I am not, despite my above opinions, that fixated on actual bicycles. Most of the time they come in one of two catagories, useful or not. They are then differentiated by level of visual appeal.

There were only two reasons for me to go to the Expo. The second reason was all the people I knew I would see while I was there. I like bike people way more than their bikes.

This guy's scraper bike was my favorite bike of the whole day because it looked like him. Every spoke was covered in Red Vines!! He was super proud of it.

This guy, from the "Chopaderos Outlaw Bike Club" was so cool he had to wave his hands in the air to testify! I really want a vest with that drunk skull on the back! Anyone out there think they can hook me up? : )

My friend Lilia found us wandering around. When she jumped on this Batavus I instructed her to look "more Dutch". This is her interpretation.

This is Cali's.

I had fun watching the BMX boys show off.

Some of them are too fast for my camera!

My number one reason for going? Meli was in the fashion show at the end! They made her wear pants! I had to witness this : ) She looked fantastic!

That woman is too much, which is of course the reason I like her : )

One last happy shot of the day- a full bike valet!


  1. That is a great pic. of melli. What a doll.
    Cool bike too. What is it?
    Have a great thanksgiving everybody.
    Jon C.

  2. You can get the vest if you join the club. Otherwise, you can't wear the colors.

    Looks like a worthy club to be a member of, though.

  3. Once again it was a pleasure meeting you. I think I need to meet up with your crew more often--you guys rule.

  4. Jon- : ( Although, I wouldn't mind building a chopper bike!

    Kit- You can come ride with us anytime!

  5. Adrienne,
    you can ride with us anytime too!

    Prez. Chopaderos

  6. Fonda- You are on!!!! When is the next ride? My Rat Rod is feeling a little neglected these days : )