Friday, November 20, 2009

Ride Of The Sand People

I was playing around with my scarf the other day and, of course, took a picture of it. It was decided I looked like the sand people from Star Wars. Our friends over at Toronto Bike Chic took notice and declared that a panda shot while looking like a Sand Person would be called a "Sanda".

These are the results of this epic, international story of bicycle, and artistic, inspiration.

Toronto Sanda

San Francisco Sanda

I think I have the edge on this as my hair acts as a full face shield just about all the time.

Happy Friday! Send us your sanda!


  1. i think your "hugs from the back seat" panda is probably the finest photograph ever taken of a child endangerment episode, what with the one-handedness and freestyle lane positioning and all: .

  2. Are you assuming I was using one hand? Coulda been a Danger Panda : )

  3. that picture was totally one my early/current favorite pictures of AJ & declan. i looooove it. :) i hope to have one of my own one day.

  4. I don't see how you get the panda shots at all. I tried to take one today on a trail and I think I took about four pictures of everything else, but my head. I did get an interesting picture of some trees though. Do you happen to know why it's called "panda"?

  5. I've been riding around a lot like that lately, feeling like a old west bandit. Flagstaff is so cold in the morning this time of year that if I don't cover my face my lips are so numb by the time I get to work I can't talk.