Monday, November 23, 2009

LA's first tweed ride

this past weekend, LA had it's first tweed ride and here are some photos from the ride..

Union Station

hmm.. what's today's date again? the year please?

LA Tweed Ride
Los Angeles Tweed Ride
good times!

yayy music! :)
-much love to for bringing the tweed ride here in Los Angeles.
(if you're wanting to see more tweedy action/ elegance.. there are tons of great pictures up on flickr :) I'll be uploading more on my photostream too! yayy pictures)


  1. When do we have tweedrideSF?

    Whenever it is, I'm in!

  2. Wessling- there have been several tweed rides in SF. Check out the website

  3. I have it on very good authority that tweed is going to be HUGE in Spring/Summer 2010 = nice to see you guys are waaaaaay ahead of the game!

  4. Doh! How could I have not found that.

    Thanks, Adrienne

  5. Fantastic! Here are some pics from the Dallas Tweed Ride, held on Sunday. Apx 200 people in attendance! Yay tweed!