Saturday, August 29, 2009

TGIF!! babes, bikes and baskets

From the third member of the "Mixte Girl Posse" (or something like that), Melyssa.
*All pictures by either Adrienne or meligrosa. Each links, so help yourself -

"i am a creature of habit. i have a schedule that leaves room for improvisation, but in a structured (to me at least) way. i tend to go to the same places, see the same people, do the same things.

but, i am also rather curious about trying out new things. i just need a nudge now and then to remind myself that, for example, sf has places i've never been to...exotic places like north beach.

kidding, i've been to north beach before, but it was usually for a school networking function, to take people from out of town or just passing through during critical mass. i hadn't spent too much time in north beach because before i became a bikey person, i took MUNI, and it was a pain in the you-know-what to get there from where i lived. as a result i never really got acquainted with this neighborhood.

recently i joined the lovely creators of this blog for a mixte lady's night out, and north beach was the chosen destination.

having never been to north beach on my own by bike, i was excited to go and grab a few drinks at a nice fun spot that i haven't been to before. and yeah, since this part of the city is not really mapped out in my head (and i forgot my trusty bike map), i had to think of a way to get there. i took a very roundabout route, and finally managed to meet up with meli and a few minutes later AJ came strolling by.

we were quite the sight as we made our way around the neighborhood. we all had our older mixte bikes, which in turn all have baskets. it was a night of babes, bikes, brewskies, bags and baskets. so much fun, and definitely worth a repeat trip. we parked in motorcycle spaces, rode through the stockton tunnel, took pics outside a visually stunning window display, and rode three apiece on market street before i rolled over some glass, made a joke about it, then BOOM--got a flat tire.

that is the sort of night that i could add to my list of habitual things that this mely likes to do. minus the flat tire, of course.

until next time my fellow-ray-ban-wearing, mixte-loving-partners in bike riding...have a great weekend everybody!"

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