Monday, November 30, 2009

Wait what...

Wait What....
"There's a girl, sitting at the curb with a coffee in one hand, and a camera on the other.
And she is taking a picture of me..."

I have replaced them ciggies for my precious little gadget. luckily, thanks ;-)
Happy Monday everyone -


  1. I love a girl with a gadget. Ciggies no.
    Smell bad.
    That is exactly what he was thinking.
    Good pic.

  2. Hey Meli,
    Good choice of an addiction -- I mean the photography. I too kicked the habit a few years and ago and I am much healthier now.
    Bravo mon ami!

    Peace :)

  3. oldfool/ ah yes! the smells, took me a few months to smell the world again ;-) and I love it!

    Chandra/ oh thx!! and yes it's been a coupleish years, so im good to go and feel just great. pics are so much better than them ciggies!