Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sometimes You Just Gotta

I like to ride in wide legged trousers and a cute hat. That's me. Sometimes, though, I can see the lure of the pelaton and the open road and wonder to myself "where did I put my old bike shorts?"

car back! (pedale. barrique)

Photo by pedale. barrique

Lock up your sports drinks! And your daughters! (Photo by pedale. barrique)

Cyclocross ain't just for young guys (photo by Giorgio Vianini)

photo by EricM.

photo by Rocketdog

Now, who out there has some pictures of woman out racing? We would like to share them!


  1. Thanks for the post! I absolutely love to race my bike: it makes me feel strong, confident, happy. I also love to ride my bike around town looking chic and wearing "normal" clothing. Same feelings, different attire, bike doesn't matter that much.
    Anyways, to answer your call for photos - you can check out my team website: http://www.womensbiketalk.com/the-team/photos/ Credits are attached to most photos.
    Fantastic blog, by the way!
    Cheers, Melanie

  2. Thanks for the link! Information is power and the more we have the more powerful we are!