Friday, October 2, 2009

Wish Us Luck!

Well, my friends, Meli and I need your good thoughts with us... we are about to experience a grave challenge. We are going to ride from San Francisco to Point Reyes and back.

71 miles.

We were both beat after riding to Fairfax and back over the Summer. Will we survive to blog another day? Or will we succumb to the comforts of Point Reyes' many B&B's and spend the night there with beer and oysters?

Pray for us, my friends. We need it!


  1. I have faith in you two. Remember, drink before you are thirsty and eat before you are hungry and you can do it no problem. Just take your time, it is not a race. I will look for an update when I get off of work Saturday night, so please post one.

  2. Good luck ladies.

    I know you like wearing "normal" clothes whilst cycling but I think at over 100kms your backsides might appreciated some padded shorts?

    You can get what is effectively padded underwear for mountainbiking that goes under your normal clothes so no-one would ever know!

  3. goodluck A and Meli! ^_^ sending all the good vibes to you both! can't wait to see photos from the trip!

    *BIG HUG!!

  4. Changuito- I am always hungry! I may be in trouble!

    Antoine- Padded granny panties? Check!

    Caryl-send us some of that energy of yours!

  5. Sounds like fun and a great adventure! May the wind blow in your direction and remember, you only have to make it to the next rest stop. (less daunting that way)
    Can't wait to here about it
    Jon C

  6. Adrienne, which bike are you taking? And good luck to you both, of course, but I doubt you'll need it.

  7. The best of Luck,should be a bit of a Doddle if you take your Time. Bring a Jar or two of that Stuff Assos Chamois or Shea Butter to Soothe the Chafing. Make sure you have Comfortable Saddles and bring plenty of Water to Sip every now and then. Bon Chance. John Dublin Ireland.

  8. Have a great ride free of any mechanical issues.
    Remember to stand and pedal occasionally to keep the blood flowing. Plus, standing gives a different perspective on the 'peleton'.

  9. What a great adventure. I hope you have a wonderful ride and capture some exciting images for your blog.

  10. ♥thanx you all.

    we had a blast and will post more pics and stories soon :D

    *ps, yes do love regular clothes, but we dont like sore skin, so we did wear padded tights and stuff ;)

  11. Padded Granny-Pants WITH lace trim. It doesn't get much better!

    I'm sure they paid for themselves in that last 20 miles ;^)